Staying Fit When Life Gets Busy

Busy?  If you are in a season of being busy, you’re not alone.  If you aren’t, chances are, you have been there.  Life comes in seasons, and some of those seasons can feel downright overwhelming.

Maybe you just had a baby, maybe your job is crazy, maybe you are going through some stuff that is requiring you to make some adjustments to your normal routine.  We’ve all been there.  I am personally there right now.

When you are busy, the first two things to typically go are your quiet time and your health.  You decide you could definitely use your quiet time or workout time to be “productive.”  Suddenly, you start skipping workouts and you find yourself running for take out since you don’t have time to cook.  You are busy.  It’s time to stop using “busy” as an excuse. Look around…everyone is busy.  Busy doesn’t have to equal unhealthy.

 Just because you are in a season of “busy” doesn’t mean that you can’t stay fit.  In fact, with some minor adjustments and a change in mindset, you can maintain your level of fitness or even make gains during a season of life where everything seems absolutely crazy.  Here are some of my keys to staying fit when my life is moving at 100 mph.

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