Journaling – Why You Should Give it a Try

Journaling…it’s a practice that has well known health benefits.  It’s relatively easy to do.  It is not expensive.  You can journal in as little as a few minutes.  However, journaling is a practice that is often overlooked.  For some reason, spending a few minutes writing down our thoughts seems like something only really mindful (aka…weird) folks take time to do.

I have started and stopped countless journals.  I would write periodically only to stop and pick back up another entry or two three months later.  This year, I decided to give journaling a legitimate shot.  I committed to following through, writing down at least gratitude, on a regular basis.  I’ve been journaling consistently for seven months now, and it has become a great addition to my self care routine.  Today, I want to share a few benefits that can be found in the simple act of journaling.