Asheville, Brevard, and Bryson City, NC – FOF Travels

So, we recently had the amazing opportunity to spend a few days outside of Asheville in the mountains of western North Carolina.  The trip wasn’t incredibly smooth.  You can read about the adventure that happened on our way here.  To add to our previous adventure, our CC got stolen, and the radiator in my car completely exploded.  Needless to say, this trip quickly became known as our “silver lining trip.”  But, those things aside, we had a really awesome trip.

The mountains are a majestic, calming place for me.  I love the beach with all my heart, but being in the forest, surrounded by nature is pretty incredible.  Looking for a trip for yourself, you and your spouse, or the whole family?  Here’s what we did, where we stayed, and of course…what we ate :).

Dairy…What is the deal? Is it good or bad?

Dairy…what the heck?  We get SO many questions about dairy.  Is it good?  Is it bad?  If you are “paleo” can you have dairy?  Let’s get one thing straight….dairy is different for everyone.  Dairy falls into an extremely gray area, and the research is pretty much all over the place.  Personally, we do consume high quality, full fat dairy such as grass fed butter, cheese, and yogurt.  No one in our family is sensitive to it, so we eat it.  What???  But, you’re “paleo.”  No, we aren’t.  We eat a “paleo-ish” diet full of real, whole, nutrient dense foods.  This means, sometimes we eat some dairy, and occasionally some {gasp} grains such as wild rice and quinoa.  Here’s a very basic breakdown of dairy and some resources if you want to dig in further.

Packing Lunch…Healthy Ideas to Keep your Kids Crash Free

Let’s face it.  Packing school lunches can be downright dreadful!  When your kiddos are living a Primal lifestyle, it can take lunch packing to another level.  What do you mean…no PB&J???  Over the last few years, we have found a few tools, and some great websites, to help make packing school lunches a little easier.  If you are struggling to find healthy options for your kids that don’t make them feel weird or awkward among a classroom full of shiny packages of chips, doughnuts, cookies, sandwiches, and juice boxes, we’ve got some ideas for you.