Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes That Will Please a Crowd

Thanksgiving is just over a week away.  I really can’t believe that it’s already here.  To be honest, I am so far from being prepared for the holidays, but they are coming, so it’s time to get in gear.  I can’t completely go all out, even if it is just one meal, so we have some healthy thanksgiving recipes that help us balance out a few not so healthy dishes.

This year, I am so thankful that my mother in law has offered to cook for us.  Her stuffing is amazing, it’s not even close to good for you, but I am going to eat it and love every bite.  So, to go along with the not so healthy items, we will be cooking up some sides that aren’t loaded with bread or crackers.  This weekend, we cooked up a primal friendly pre-Thanksgiving feast, and today we are sharing the healthy Thanksgiving recipes we tried along with some of our long time favorites.  I am not including recipes for turkey or ham…those are usually pretty standard, and since I’m not a chef, I’ll let you go out on your own for these :).

**All of these ideas are primal friendly.  We do include dairy in our diet, but you could easily substitute dairy free milk and omit the cheese in many of these recipes.  While, I did not use any refined sugar, I did use coconut sugar in many of the recipes.**

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