Living with Intention: 2019 Goals


Alright…we are a few weeks into 2019.  How are your resolutions going?  If you read my post on tips to help you keep your resolutions, you already know that I’m a much bigger fan of intentions than I am of resolutions.

I am a huge believer in setting yourself up for success.  While I love goals, I find that resolutions {for me} can sometimes leave me a bit discouraged.  It’s like if I mess up, I feel like my resolution is over, and especially when we are only 2 weeks into the year,  that doesn’t build me up to move forward.  If you are a resolution setter, by all means, get after it.  However, if you are like me, I would love to introduce you to living with intention, and share how I plan to live with intention in 2019.

What the heck is living with intention?

I feel like the phrase, living with intention, is thrown around a lot, but we often don’t really know what it means.  I don’t even know if my interpretation is correct, but I believe that living with intention means that you live with the end in mind.  Okay, so what in the world does that mean?

When you live with the end in mind, it’s like taking a journey with Mr. Scrooge from The Christmas Carol, and looking at your life from the end.  What would you want your story to look like?  When you are 100, what are the things that you think will be meaningful to you?  When I look at my life with the end in mind, I can begin to develop intentions that I want to live out today so that when I look back in 64 years, I can see a life well lived.

Personally, looking at my goals {or resolutions} with the end in mind helps me to cut through the crap.  It helps me to remember that life isn’t about accomplishing things.  Life is about accomplishing the RIGHT things.  When I look back and I’ve found “success” in terms of what other people said I should do or have or what my parents told me was important, how am I going to feel?  In case you aren’t aware, we have a very limited time on this planet.  I’m not sure about you, but I want to spend the rest of my time doing things that I enjoy, that I am passionate about, that I want to do.  For me, I don’t want to live my life spinning my wheels, being in a constant state of busyness, or taking on everything, but I want to focus on being great at a few things.

I want to live with intention.  I want to live with a purpose.  How do you want to live?

Set the right goals.

Let me start by saying that I am a task oriented person.  It makes my heart sing to cross something off my to-do list.  However, I was faced with a harsh reality last year.  I listened to the book, Essentialism.  If you have never read this book, you should put it on your reading list asap.  In the book, the simple question was asked, “Is your to-do list even the right list in the first place?”  Dang.  That hit home for me.  I started looking at my to-do list.  Yikes.  Much of it was filled with things that really weren’t that important and that definitely weren’t moving me toward my ultimate goals.  My list had a lot of extra fluff that was taking time away from the important things.  This led me to look at my goals.  Another “ah ha” moment.  

What are your goals?  Do they align with your ideal life when you take a look back in 50 years?  Are they the goals and dreams that you want, or are they dreams that someone else put on your life?  I know, that’s a bit deep.  

Look at last year.  If you haven’t done a reflection of 2018, you need to sit down and face last year before you can really look at setting the right goals this year.  Once you evaluate last year, think about what you really want.  Make sure the goals and intentions you are setting in motion for your life are what is most important to you.

Focus on the right things, not everything.

The key phrase in Essentialism is “less but better.”  This phrase is contrary to just about anything that I was taught growing up.  My mind still says, “Kenzie, you can do it all.”  Take on more, do more, volunteer for everything, sign up for everything, do, do, do.  See, what happens when we try to do it all is that we spread ourselves too thin.  We end up being okay at a lot of things but really great at nothing.

Focus on one thing.  This doesn’t mean you only have one goal.  What it does mean is that you prioritize.  Maybe, this year you intend to run a marathon, get your diet nailed down, start attending church, be a better parent, get a promotion at work, and sleep 8 hours a night.  Let’s start with the fact that all of these are great intentions, goals, or resolutions.  While they are great, how can you do all of those things with excellence?   

Even if your goals are good, how can you be great at everything?  Because, if you are honest with yourself, isn’t greatness what you are really after?  I don’t know of many people who just want to be okay at life.  So often, we get stuck because we try to do it all.  While we can do a lot well, we can only do a few things great.  Figure out what you want to be great at and give it everything you’ve got.  Yep, you’re going to get knocked down.  That’s life.  So what, move on and keep running.

What’s going to be your thing this year?

My Personal Intentions for 2019

Again, a personal post from me.  Anyone that knows me well knows that I don’t love to put myself out there.  Sharing what I want to do this year definitely qualifies as putting myself out there which is totally uncomfortable for me, but I hope it will help you.  

I set my intentions just like I do my reflections.  I break my life down into departments.  This year, instead of listing every goal for each area of my life, my focus is on just one thing in each department.

Family and Relationships

Listen.  One word, and that’s my one thing.  I struggle with listening.  I often fight distractions, and I am one of the world’s worst at trying to multi-task all the time.  

For me, simply listening and focusing on the person speaking is a challenge.  I wish my brain didn’t go in one million directions, but it does.  So, this year my focus is to simply listen.  This means, I must stop what I am doing when someone is talking.  It means I’m not trying to respond to emails while trying to help my kids with their homework.  Also, it means that even if I’m in the middle of an amazing book and totally ready to go to bed, I will put the book down and talk for a few minutes to Josh as he’s trying to work through something in his head instead of continuing to read and throwing in a “uh huh” or “yeah” every few minutes so he thinks I am listening.

My one thing to move my relationships where I want them to go is: LISTEN.


Less but better.  Two books that you need to read this year, if you haven’t read them already, are Essentialism and The One Thing.  If you are anything like me, you will benefit greatly from these two books.  I try to do too much.  This is not a new thing.  I’ve done it my whole life because for some reason I have believed that more is better and less is lazy.

Doing less but better is tough for me because it requires me to say “no” A LOT.  I hate confrontation, and I really don’t love to say no, so this is tough for me.  However, I had a light bulb moment just last week.  Here’s how it goes.

See, I was running through my neighborhood on an absolutely gorgeous day.  We are a few weeks out from one of my favorite local races, the Double Bridge 15K.  I’ve done this race every year for I don’t even know how many years.  I expect myself to do this race, and I’ve put an expectation on myself that others expect me to do this race.  However, as I was running, I just wasn’t into it…at all.  I wasn’t enjoying it.  Not that I had a bad run…actually, I had a great run.  I just wasn’t excited or moved by it in even a small way.  I started thinking about the race.  What if I just said no?  I love trail running, but the road just isn’t doing it for me right now.  So, I said “no.”  I’ll be at the start and finish to cheer everyone on, but this race isn’t a priority for me.  It’s not moving me in a direction that is my thing right now.

I love to workout, and I really enjoy doing things that push me.  However, if I am going to do less but better, how do things like running for a few hours on the road fit in?  What if I skipped those long runs and focused on workouts that I am really enjoying right now?  Less, but better.  For me, crushing myself in the garage gym and excelling at boot camp workouts is a better fit right now than a long, two hour run through my neighborhood.  If I focus on less but better, I can allow myself to move in seasons not only with my workouts, but with other things that I am passionate about right now.

So, in my personal life, my one thing is: LESS BUT BETTER


Be me, be us.  Yeah, you might not get that one.  This year, in my professional life, my focus is to get back to being me, and being us {Josh and myself}.  When you own your own business, it’s really easy to fall into the trap of looking at what others are doing and thinking they have it all together, and then comparing yourself to them.  This is dangerous, and it can lead to things that you don’t really want to or were meant to do.  It can take you away from things you are doing well and force you to spend time on things you really don’t even want if you take a hard look at your goals and passions.

2018 brought a lot of soul searching in my professional life.  I struggled with comparison, thinking I wasn’t good enough, and trying to do things that weren’t really me or the type of business that Josh and I wanted to be.  It’s funny as you look back to see what went wrong.  Hindsight definitely is 20/20, but it can be an incredible learning tool as you move forward.

A few months ago, we sat down and took a hard look at everything.  Whether you own your own business or you work a corporate job, this is a great exercise.  Why did you start in the first place?  What do you love to do?  What are you good at?  How can you be better at what you are good at?

For me, and my professional life, my one thing is: BE ME  


Self care.  If I’m honest with myself, as soon as things get busy, self care is what I let slide.  I always eat pretty good, and I rarely miss workouts {they are my true stress release}, but I have been known to go days without a good stretch, I’ve put massages on the back burner, and I have worked at my computer when I should have taken 10 minutes to clear my head.

You know, when your job is in the wellness industry, you say pretty much every day, “You are your best return on investment.”  This is the 100% truth, and I believe it.  So, why do I put other things that aren’t super important {like spending 15 minutes scrolling through social media} in front of some simple self care practices?

It doesn’t take an hour to practice self care.  It takes intentionally carving out the time for me.  Whether it’s a short meditation, time in my devotional, journaling, a quick yoga session, a massage, breathing techniques, or a walk in nature, I am worth the investment.

My one thing this year to improve my health is: SELF CARE


Let go.  This one is easier said than done.  I am a control freak to the bone…Josh will tell you that.  I like to know what’s happening and what is next.  Over the years, my faith has strengthened tremendously.  The Lord has proven his word time and time again.  However, when push comes to shove, I often pull back the reigns and try to take control over each detail in every circumstance.

Maybe it’s fear, or doubt, or insecurity, but letting go is tough.  However, I know that by letting go, and releasing my plans, I will grow exponentially more than I will by holding tight.

This might be my hardest one thing, but my focus in my spiritual life is: LET GO

How will you live with intention this year?

What will you do to make this your best year yet?  How will you invest in yourself this year?  What will be your one thing?

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Go find your thing, and get after it!



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