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Quick Kettlebell Workout: Top of the Minute

A quick kettlebell workout...sounds easy, right?  I feel like I have to preface today's post with's workout was one of the toughest workouts I have done in a long time.  That said, it was awesome.  I love a quick workout, and this one is definitely quick.

I can't say that Top of the Minute was very popular at Fixed on Fitness this week.  Everyone rocked it, but I'm pretty sure no one is going to be asking for it to make another appearance anytime soon.  

Grab your watch and a kettlebell, and let's tackle Top of the Minute.

Top of the Minute

Go ahead and get your mind right.  The next 30 minutes or so are going to be rough.  I would recommend using your normal size kettlebell for this workout.  I definitely would not go heavy.

The structure of the workout begins every minute with the one exercise.  You then finish the minute with the second exercise.  You repeat this pattern until you hit 100 reps of the second exercise.  

For example, the first set is chest to floor burpees and thrusters.  At the start of every minute, you complete 5 chest to floor burpees.  Once you finish the burpees, you finish the minute with as many thrusters as you can do.  You repeat the burpees at the top of every minute until you hit 100 thrusters.

Set 1 - 12 Minute Time Cap

  • 5 Chest to Floor Burpees
  • 100 Thrusters

Set 2 -  10 Minute Time Cap

  • 5 Rows each Arm
  • 100 Overhead Swings

Set 3 - 8 Minute Time Cap

  • 5 Sit and Press
  • 100 Chest Press w/ Flutter Kick

If you are not efficient at chest to floor burpees, take the push up out of your burpee during every other round.  This will allow you to get a few more seconds to make a dent on those thrusters.


What did you think?  You could add absolutely any exercise variation to this workout.  If you have a barbell, thrusters, hang cleans, and deadlifts would be a great variation.  Double unders could also be a killer exercise to put at the top of every minute.

Get creative.  Remember, kettlebells are pretty easy to throw in your car if you are traveling over the holidays.  Grab yours, head to the garage or the park, and get this one done.

Want more workouts?  Come hang out with us at any of our Fixed on Fitness locations, or check out the other Wednesday workouts on the blog.


Establishing a Morning Routine…It Works

How did your day begin today?  Was it calm and relaxed?  Or, did you get up on the third snooze, jump in the shower, grab your coffee, and head to work?

Sadly, most Americans start their day rushed, tired, undernourished, and already flustered before they even walk out the door.  What if there was a better way?  Establishing a morning routine can help calm the chaos of your day so that you can stroll out the door and into work in a calm state, ready to tackle the day.

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Christmas Workout: The Advent Calendar

I must really be getting into the Christmas spirit these days.  Lately, the blog has been centered around the holidays, and I'm good with that.  December is one of my favorite months at Fixed on Fitness.  It's full of brand new workouts, challenges, and some old favorites that only come out during the holidays.

Today's workout is one of the "old favorites" and a great Christmas workout.  It gets freshened up every year, but we have been doing some version of The Advent Calendar since December 2009.  

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8 Tips to Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

Staying healthy through the holidays can be a little tricky.  Parties, food, activities, excitement, to-do lists, and shopping trips can easily pull the focus off taking care of yourself as you move into survival mode.  It doesn't have to be this way.  You can, with a little effort, keep your sanity, and stay healthy this holiday season.

We've got 8 easy tips that will send you sailing through December, ahead of where you are right now, and ready to tackle 2019.  I want to challenge you to change the script this year.  No longer will it be "after the holidays."  Nope, this year, you are taking control.

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One Arm Kettlebell Workout: Right and Left

Right and Left.  This is one of my favorite kettlebell workouts because it challenges me in a different way.  Right and Left is a one arm kettlebell workout where you will work one side of your body first, and then you will work the other side of your body.  All of that is followed by a 400 meter run, and you repeat the workout five time.

I've been very interested in the kettlebell flow style workouts lately.  They bring a whole new challenge to workouts, so it's been fun to incorporate them for myself here and there.  Today's workout is a great one to prepare yourself for a full kettlebell flow workout.

Right and Left

If you don't perform one arm kettlebell workouts often, I would go with a lighter weight for this workout.  You will work one arm at a time.  The goal is to perform the reps of each exercise consecutively.  Once you finish the last exercise, put the kettlebell down and switch to the other arm.

REPS = 6

**Right Arm**

  • Swing
  • Squat
  • Overhead Press
  • Clean
  • Row

**Left Arm**

  • Swing
  • Squat
  • Overhead Press
  • Clean
  • Row

400 Meter Run

Repeat 5x

Challenge Yourself

We believe that the more you can keep your body guessing in your workout routine, the better your results will be.  Challenge yourself to do things differently than you always do.  A one arm kettlebell workout is a great way to put some variety into your everyday workout.

If you find that you enjoy and have conquered the exercises with one arm, try a basic kettlebell flow workout.  This workout from Onnit is very simple, short, and great for someone new to kettlebell flow.

We post workouts every week on the blog, so check back every Wednesday for a new workout that doesn't require a gym.  If you don't have a kettlebell, try this workout that we posted last week.

Get Sweaty.


Health and Fitness Gift Ideas: 2018

Thanksgiving has come and gone and many of us are now ready to embrace the Christmas season.  It’s the time of year that many of us are doing our best to come up with the perfect gift for each person on our list.  If you are looking for health and fitness gift ideas, look no further.

I am personally a huge fan of giving experiences over gifts, but there are still a few gifts that I purchase and that I would really love to receive.  In my opinion, someone that is into health and fitness is a fun person to buy for.  The key is to buy something that they will actually use.   

If you aren’t sure what to buy that fitness enthusiast in your life, we’ve gathered some of our favorite gifts to give you some ideas this year.  We’ve included a variety of price ranges from stocking stuffers to that big gift for your special someone.  We hope this list helps to make your shopping a little easier this year.

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20 Minute Workout – Check Out 4 Quarters

It's Thanksgiving week!  We are unplugging for a few days, and spending a little time in the woods.  Whether you are traveling or hanging out at home, today's workout is one that you can get done quickly.  A 20 minute workout is one that you can knock out quickly before or after work or even on your lunch break this week.

This week, we have been posting workouts daily on our Facebook page.  Head on over and check it out for some great workout ideas that you can do with no equipment.  We've also included some weighted options if you have a kettlebell.

Enjoy this simple structure.  We promise, you won't want over time for this workout.  Here comes 4 Quarters.

4 Quarters

When it comes to short workouts, intensity is key.  This workouts is definitely short, so you want to move as fast as possible for all four rounds.  

4 Quarters

  • .25 Mile Run
  • 25 Burpees
  • x 4

Want more?

If you have some extra time, you could always add an exercise or increase your run.  If you have a kettlebell, thrusters are a great addition to this workout.

I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your family and your friends.  If you need a last minute recipe, check out this post.

Give thanks!


A Perfect Indoor Workout – No Equipment Needed

It has been a rainy week here in the Florida panhandle.  Needless to say, it hasn't been an ideal week to be working out outside.  So, today, we have a perfect indoor workout that you can do absolutely anywhere.  Whether you are traveling and stuck in your hotel room or you head out to your garage, this is a great workout that requires no equipment.

If you wait for perfect workout weather, you aren't going to get too many workouts done.  Put the excuses aside, lace up your shoes, and get busy on the FOF Fifty.

FOF Fifty

The structure today is very simple.  You will complete 50 reps of each exercise, and you will go through the list of exercises twice.  Complete the workout as fast as possible with good form.

REPS = 50

  • Chest to Floor Burpees
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Squat Jumps
  • Reverse Lunges (25 each leg)
  • Russian Twists (2 count)
  • Flutter Kicks (2 count)
  • x 2

If you have a kettlebell, and want to add a twist to this workout, we've got a weighted option for you today too.

**Weighted Option***

REPS = 50

  • Swings
  • Thrusters (2 hands)
  • Rows (25 each arm)
  • Overhead Split Squats (25 each leg)
  • Chest Press with Flutter Kick
  • Burpees
  • x2

Lace Up and Get to Work

If you are dealing with dreary November weather like we are, put your excuses to the side, and get this workout done.  I promise, a good sweat session will elevate your mood and help you tackle your day.

We are moving into Thanksgiving week.  During Thanksgiving week, we will be posting FOUR workouts on our Facebook page to get done during the holiday week.  Make sure you check out the workouts.

If you are in need of a reboot to keep you on track over the holidays, make sure you come try out a week of classes for free at any of our in person Fixed on Fitness locations.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes That Will Please a Crowd

Thanksgiving is just over a week away.  I really can't believe that it's already here.  To be honest, I am so far from being prepared for the holidays, but they are coming, so apparently it's time to get in gear.  I can't handle a complete all out food bender, even if it is just one meal, so I have some healthy Thanksgiving recipes that help me balance out the few not so healthy dishes that I choose to indulge in.

This year, I am so thankful that my mother in law has offered to cook for us.  Her stuffing is's not even close to good for you, but I am going to eat it and love every bite.  So, to go along with the not so healthy items, we will be cooking up some sides that aren't loaded with bread or crackers.  

This weekend, we cooked up a primal friendly pre-Thanksgiving feast, and today we are sharing the healthy Thanksgiving recipes we tried, along with some of our long time favorites.  I am not including recipes for turkey or ham...those are usually pretty standard, and since I'm not a chef, I'll let you go out on your own for these :).

**All of these ideas are primal friendly.  We do include dairy in our diet, but you could easily substitute dairy free milk and omit the cheese in many of these recipes.  While I did not use any refined sugar, I did use coconut sugar in a few of these recipes.**

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Thrusters and Burpees: 4 Rounds for Time

Thrusters and burpees...what's not to love?  Today's list might be short, but this workout packs a good punch.

See, we have this little saying at our Fixed on Fitness classes.  It's known as the "short board workout."  What this means is that the board contains very few lines.  At first glance, it looks pretty easy.  However, it's a short board.  This means it's going to be tough, and there's no way around it.

So, don't get turned off by the simplicity of this workout.  It's a great one, and all that you need is a kettlebell.  Are you ready for some thrusters and burpees...and a run? 

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