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Thrusters and Burpees: 4 Rounds for Time

Thrusters and burpees...what's not to love?  Today's list might be short, but this workout packs a good punch.

See, we have this little saying at our Fixed on Fitness classes.  It's known as the "short board workout."  What this means is that the board contains very few lines.  At first glance, it looks pretty easy.  However, it's a short board.  This means it's going to be tough, and there's no way around it.

So, don't get turned off by the simplicity of this workout.  It's a great one, and all that you need is a kettlebell.  Are you ready for some thrusters and burpees...and a run? 

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Burpee Medley: 12 Variations To Challenge You

Happy Halloween!  Today, we don't have treats, but we do have a killer burpee medley for you.  No tricks here either.  The burpee medley includes twelve burpee variations to take your burpee game up a notch.

Warning.  If you hate burpees, you need to do this workout.  It won't make you hate them any less, but this workout is a great challenge.  The burpees combined with some running make for a killer cardio workout.

No excuses.  You don't need any equipment.  Have you had your hand in the Halloween candy?  Trade that candy for some burpees, and get busy.  Trouble staying away?  Read this.

The Burpee Medley

Make sure you watch the video above with the exercise demos for this workout.  Many of the burpees might be new, or we might use a different term than you are used to.

Please note that this workout is not for beginners.  If you are new to fitness, check out one of our other Wednesday workouts, such as the Anywhere Workout.  If you are not efficient at burpees, I would suggest cutting your reps to 12 on this workout to speed it up. 

REPS = 15

  • .30 Mile Run
  • Burpees
  • Chest to Floor Burpees
  • 2-Count Burpees
  • Broad Jump Burpees
  • .30 Mile Run
  • Double Burpees (2 Push ups)
  • Jump Lunge Burpees
  • Dive Bomber Burpees
  • 8-Count Burpees
  • .30 Mile Run
  • 2-Count Double Burpees
  • Squat Jack Burpees
  • Plyo Burpees
  • Plank Up Down Burpees

Get Going

Don't delay, and definitely don't think about this workout before you start.  If you do, chances are, you aren't going to get started.  I hope that you find this workout challenging but slightly fun (in a scary way).

Get this done before you head out trick-or-treating, or make this your post sugar rush workout.  Either way, you won't regret it.

Happy Halloween!


A Weighted Workout Without The Gym

No need to head to the gym for today's workout.  Like all of our workouts, this weighted workout can be done outside, in your garage, or in your living room.  All you need is one weight and a clock.  

This workout was born this week because I had a few people at camp that could not run. I'm pretty sure the non-runners got the harder workout with this one.  This is a great weighted workout to put on your list.  You can modify the rounds based on how much time you have, but you won't need more than 40 minutes to get this done.

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Tabata Workout: Running Tabata

Running tabata has been a staple at Fixed on Fitness since 2009.  If a tabata workout is not part of your exercise library, make sure you add it.  Tabata is simply a style of workout that includes 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds.  

We love tabata workouts.  You can use any combination of exercises, and you can also incorporate tabata sets into your cardio workouts.  Check out the version that we did this week at FOF.

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Grab a Kettlebell, Work Hard, Get Some Rest

I love any workout that rewards hard work with rest.  This workout has small bursts of intense work, but that work is matched with quite a bit of rest.  You will need a kettlebell and about 36 minutes to complete this workout.  I would recommend going moderately heavy with your weight.  You want the weight to be heavy enough to challenge you, but you don't want the weight to slow you down too much.

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A Great Travel Workout – Count it Down

Sometimes you need a basic workout that you can take on your next business trip, to the gym, or out to your garage.  This travel workout is great for anywhere.  The reps are high, but the exercises are basic.  The structure of the Count it Down workout is very solid.  You can keep the exercises that we have listed, or you can add in weights if you have access to them.  Due to the amount of reps, we would recommend keeping your weight light and exercises simple so that you can move at a fast pace.

Like I said, it's basic.  Don't confuse basic with ineffective.  The best workouts can sometimes be the simplest.  Here we go.

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FOF Workout: Burpee Variations and a Run

The's an exercise that people love to hate.  In my opinion, it's one of the best total body exercises you can do.  The burpee can be done anywhere, and it's the perfect combination of strength and cardio.  Burpee variations are one of my favorite things to add into a workout.  Adding variety to your burpees not only makes them more challenging, but it allows you to incorporate quite a few exercises into one movement.

Today's workout is a great cardio workout.  We've got some running and burpee variations that will get your heart rate up and get you sweating.  

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The FOF “Anywhere Workout”…No Equipment Required

The FOF "Anywhere Workout" is one that everyone needs to try at some point.  The concept is so simple, and you can literally do this workout anywhere (hence the name) as long as you have a small area to run.  You don't need a towel, you don't need grass, and you definitely don't need any equipment.

With ball season and kids' practices in full swing, I would bet that you do have 30 minutes to get this workout done at some point during the week.  Make the most of the hours that you are "watching practice" aka looking at your phone, and get this workout done.  You can substitute the exercises to change this up, but the structure is solid.  Don't feel comfortable running far away from you kids, or have a limited space?  No worries, just run (put one foot in front of the other) for 5 minutes.

Here we go!

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Outdoor Workouts: 5 Reasons to Get Outside

When is the last time that you did an outdoor workout?  While exercise in general is beneficial to the body, more and more research is showing that you can reap even more benefits by moving your workout outside.  Personally, I only step in a gym 2-3 times a year, and mostly it's because we are on vacation.  I am not a gym person, and while I do like to challenge myself with a different workout style every once in a while, the gym with all of it's shiny equipment and treadmills with TVs just isn't for me.

Don't get me wrong...if catching up on your favorite TV show while cranking away at the elliptical is the one thing that gets you moving, by all means, go for it.  Indoor exercise beats sitting on the couch any day.  However, I would challenge you to step outdoors for a sweat session.  Here are five reasons to get outside.

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Double Unders and Swings – Wednesday Workout

At Fixed on Fitness, we are doing something NEW this month.  See, normally, we don't repeat a workout more than 2-3 times per year.  This month (for the first time in 10 years), we have taken four workout structures, and we are repeating them for four weeks straight.  Some people love this, some people hate it.  But, it's what we are doing, and so far, it's working really well.

Either way, it's nice to see improvement over the course of four weeks.  Today's workout structure is one that will challenge you no matter how many times you repeat it.  It's a great workout to measure your progress over the course of weeks or months.

Double Unders and Swings

The goal of this workout is to move as fast as possible with good form.  You want to record your time so that you have a benchmark to measure against the next time you do this workout.

*Put a 30 minute time camp on this workout.  If you are not finished with 10 rounds in 30 minutes, write down the last exercise you completed when the clock hit 30 minutes.  Then, try to do more next time.*

  • 35 Double Unders
  • 15 Kettlebell Swings
  • 7 Chest to Floor Burpees
  • x10

If you cannot do double unders, replace them with high knees (2 ct) and add 21 mountain climbers (2 ct).

How did you do?

Did you have a chance to get this workout done?  How did you do?  We would love to hear how you did with this one.

Try this workout again in a few weeks and see how you improved.  Are you looking for some extra motivation or a workout group?  Come hang out with any of our classes at Fixed on Fitness.  You can always try a week for FREE with no strings attached.  Sign up here.

Happy jumping and swinging!