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Staying Hydrated – What’s the Big Deal?

Here at Fixed on Fitness, we get questions throughout the summer about hydration.  60% of the average adult human body is made up of water, so clearly, we can't say it's not important.  Staying hydrated is vital for your health, as hydration is necessary for brain function, digestion, muscle contraction, circulation, and many other bodily functions.  

At Fixed on Fitness, our workouts are held outside, so working out with a heat index of 110 degrees becomes the norm during summer.  Hydration seems so simple.  However, staying hydrated can be difficult when you combine heat and vigorous exercise.  You can find opinions on the best ways to stay hydrated all over the internet, and they vary from one expert to another.  Today, we want to share what has worked best in our experience of 10+ years of outdoor workouts throughout the summer in Florida.

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Sweat in Four Minutes? Yep…You Can.

We love to sweat, and we love AMRAPs.  If you aren't familiar with the term AMRAP, it stands for as many rounds as possible.  The goal of any AMRAP is to move as fast as you can with good form for the specified time.  You can use any rep count, any exercise, and any timeframe for your AMRAP.

Today, we have four AMRAPs for you.  Each one contains two exercises and will run for four minutes.  You will take a 2-4 minute break after each AMRAP to recover.  The rest period is important, so don't skip it.  You will need about 30 minutes, a kettlebell, and a short stretch of road or even ground for today's workout.  Don't have 30 minutes?  Pick two or three AMRAPs and you can still get a quality workout in a short time. 


Give Me Four

30 Second Sprint x 4 - Rest 1 minute after each sprint.

4 Minute AMRAP #1 = 4 Chest to Floor Burpees + 4 KB Swings

4 Minute AMRAP #2 = 4 KB Thrusters + 4 KB Rows / arm

4 Minute AMRAP #3 = 4 KB Split Squats / leg + 4 Pike Push ups

4 Minute AMRAP #4 = 4 KB Sit and Reach + 4 KB Chest Press / arm

Get Started, and Get Sweaty

Need some other workout ideas?  Make sure you check out our other Wednesday Workouts on the FOF Blog.  

We hope you enjoy this week's workout, Give Me Four!  If you need some motivation, and you are in the Pensacola area, we'd love for you to come try Fixed on Fitness for a week for FREE.  Click here to give it a try.

Staying Fit When Life Gets Busy

Busy?  If you are in a season of being busy, you're not alone.  If you aren't, chances are, you have been there.  Life comes in seasons, and some of those seasons can feel downright overwhelming.  

Maybe you just had a baby, maybe your job is crazy, maybe you are going through some stuff that is requiring you to make some adjustments to your normal routine.  We've all been there.  I am personally there right now.

When you are busy, the first two things to typically go are your quiet time and your health.  You decide you could definitely use your quiet time or workout time to be "productive."  Suddenly, you start skipping workouts and you find yourself running for take out since you don't have time to cook.  You are busy.  It's time to stop using "busy" as an excuse. Look around...everyone is busy.  Busy doesn't have to equal unhealthy.

 Just because you are in a season of "busy" doesn't mean that you can't stay fit.  In fact, with some minor adjustments and a change in mindset, you can maintain your level of fitness or even make gains during a season of life where everything seems absolutely crazy.  Here are some of my keys to staying fit when my life is moving at 100 mph.

Make a Plan

Do you have a season that you already know is a busy one?  If you are an accountant, tax season is chaos.  If you do landscaping, summer can be nuts.  For me, I teach swim lessons in the summer.  I know going into June that my summer will be insane.  I am in the pool nearly 7 hours a day in addition to running three Fixed on Fitness classes a day.  Oh yeah, I also have two kids and somehow have to get to the administrative side of FOF.  If I look at the summer as a whole, I am often left feeling completely overwhelmed, and I find it easy to start making excuses.

I am a Type A personality all the way, so not having a plan for things makes me feel like I am scrambling.  However, looking at the entire month, and planning out the month in advance is too much for me.  I have too many variables in my week.  If it rains, I might have a make up swim lesson on a Friday or on the weekend.  Something in the house might break (like the water main did last week).  So, I plan by the week, allowing for flexibility if something comes up.  I look at when I can get my workouts in, and that's what I go with.  Then, I look at the days that will be best to get some administrative work in.  I plan out time to do nothing so that I can recover both physically and mentally.  From there, I adjust day by day as needed.

Know your limits and plan for them.  Killing yourself to get everything done without a plan and without help is going to lead to burn out.  The first thing that will go will be your quiet time and your health.    Make a plan and commit to staying fit through the craziness.

Ask for Help

The first summer that I taught lessons, I burnt myself out.  I tried to continue all of my normal responsibilities despite adding seven hours of work to my day.  I like to be in control, and I like to do things myself.  Well, in the summer, that's just not happening.  Thankfully, Josh is more than willing to pick up any slack around the house.  

If you are in a busy season, try asking your family for help.  Trust that they are fully capable of cooking dinner, going to the grocery store, and running a few errands.  Maybe hire out a cleaning or yard service for a few months.  Having someone clean the house in the summer is basically a complete life saver for me.  Ask for or hire will help you have time for your workouts even when you have a lot on your plate.

Quality vs. Quantity

My normal week involves 5-6 workouts.  My job is basically to workout, I enjoy the process of working out, and my day just doesn't feel right if I don't get a sweat session in.  In the summer 5-6 workouts really just aren't possible for me.  My body is tired, my brain is drained, and my productivity isn't awesome.

Instead of pushing myself to get workouts in nearly everyday, I have shifted my focus to making sure I'm getting around 4 quality workouts in each week.  Instead of doing my workouts during the week, I am working out more on the weekends.  I crave workouts with a group, but I realize that I must be okay with just 1-2 group workouts with my FOF classes each week.

Quality over quantity also includes the time that I am spending working out.  I just don't have a solid hour for every workout.  Thankfully, I can get an hour maybe 2 days a week, but my other two workouts have to be short...less than 20 minutes of actual work.  For those workouts, the intensity has to be HIGH.  I choose workouts that challenge me in multiple ways, incorporate a variety of strength movements, and contain enough cardio (usually in the form of heavy weights, burpees, or a sprint) to get my heart rate sky high.  These short workouts are the ones that make me feel like I'm going to puke.  I honestly don't love this feeling, but when I am short on time, I want to make the most of my workout.

Focusing on quality instead of quantity has not only freed up a little time in my week, but it's kept my productivity high.  By not forcing myself to do a workout just to check it off the list, I also avoid that feeling of a crappy workout.

Shift your Mindset

With my workouts, the drop in quantity is definitely a hard mindset shift for me.  I've been a personal trainer for a long time.  I've given advice A LOT.  However, sometimes it's so hard to listen to your own advice.  I know that four quality workouts are better than six workouts where my effort isn't 100%.  

However, something in the back of my mind tells me that I'm not doing enough.  The workout to eat or workout because I ate mentality that I followed for so many years growing up is hard to overcome.  My mindset has to shift.  I have to keep rewriting the script of my old story.  

I see the fitness gains I am making despite being busy.  It's not my ideal week of workouts, but I'm making it work.  I am staying fit, and I am allowing myself to be flexible with my workouts.  You can too!

Focus on your Fork

When you can't workout as much as you would like, make sure you are looking at your fork.  Putting a focus on your nutrition is the fastest way to see results in your waistline.  But, when you are busy, it's easy to put your food choices on the back burner.  It's easy to justify a "reward" of junk food or even alcohol.

Making good food choices doesn't have to be hard.  It does take a little preparation, but you have options.  Even if you really don't have time to cook, you can find very healthy options on the go.  We have a great company in Pensacola called Primal Premade Nutrition.  They deliver healthy meals right to your door at a great price point.  You also have the option of things like Blue Apron that make cooking really easy, and you can customize the meals you receive.  

If you have a day with some extra time, use it to meal prep.  Meal prepping doesn't have to be super complicated.  Just throwing a little extra meat on the grill or a casserole in the oven, will give you dinner for a night or two. Remember that not every meal has to be a gourmet meal.  On a busy night, throw a meat and some veggies on your plate, and you are done.  A rotisserie chicken with a bagged salad from the grocery store is a really easy weeknight dinner option.  Is it perfect?  No.  Is it better than grabbing a burger and fries from a fast food restaurant?  Absolutely!

I live in reality.  Fast food or take out food is sometimes necessary.  Know your options.  We live in America...there are restaurants on every corner.  Find a few places that you already know have healthy options.  Just about every restaurant out there will give you a sandwich without a bun.  So many restaurants, even fast food places, have salads.  The dressing might not be the best in the world, but you made the better choice.  Every takeout option has a meat and veggie option.  You just have to take responsibility to make the best choice possible regardless of your circumstance.

When it comes to staying fit, what you put in your mouth is every bit as important as getting your workouts in.  Make the effort to make good food choices.  Be careful not to use your busy schedule as an excuse to binge on beer and pizza.

Don't let Busy be your Excuse

Have a plan, get some help, focus on the quality of your workouts instead of the quantity of your workouts, and put real food on your plate.  If you do, you will find that you are staying fit even when you are busy.  A crazy season is the best time to make sure you are still exercising...who doesn't need a little stress relief that you get from a great workout????

If you need a short workout idea, give this one a try.  It's one of my favorites lately :).  Shoot to finish in under 20 minutes, and you definitely won't feel like you missed out on a quality workout just because it's short.

  • 200 yd sprint
  • 20 Overhead Swings
  • 20 Thrusters (2 hands)
  • 20 Burpees
  • x4

Have fun, and get it done!

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Sprints and Basics – FOF Wednesday Workout

Lace up your running shoes.  We've got some sprints in store for this week's Wednesday Workout.  You will need to map out 400 yards for today's work.  It's summer.  Sprinting in the summer makes you feel like you are breathing through a straw.  Air is tough to come by, and this can make for some tough running.  

Make sure you get a good warm up in before this workout.  It might be a good idea for you to use the first sprint or two to warm up, especially if you are new to running.  As always, cut the run distance or AMRAP time as needed.  

Once you finish your runs, we have a short AMRAP in store for you.  It contains very basic exercises, and you do not need any equipment or much space at all.  The goal of an AMRAP is to get as many rounds as possible done in the time set.  So, you want to move as fast as possible with good form.


Sprints and AMRAP

Part #1 - Sprints

  • 5 x 400 yd sprints @ 4:00

Part #2 - 15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 

  • 5 Push ups
  • 10 Supermans
  • 15 Squats

Get to Work

Need some other workout ideas?  Make sure you check out our other Wednesday Workouts on the FOF Blog.  Struggle with summer running?  Me too!  Check out ways I am staying motivated this summer here.

We hope you enjoy this week's workout!  If you need some motivation, and you are in the Pensacola area, we'd love for you to come try Fixed on Fitness for a week for FREE.  Click here to give it a try.

Add Some Extra to your Tabata Workout

At FOF, we have been doing Tabata workouts for years.  If you aren't familiar with Tabata, it's a style of workout that takes one exercise and goes through 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for eight sets.  It is incredibly effective, and the beauty of Tabata is that you can use it for absolutely any exercise.  We usually stick to the traditional eight sets, but every once in a while, we throw in a different variation.  The Wednesday workout for this week is one of our Tabata variations - 10 Set Tabata.

Some Tabata Tips

Get an app.  With Tabata workouts, you must watch your clock the entire time.  20 seconds on followed by 10 seconds off for eight sets.  This comes out to a total of four minutes on each exercise.  I highly recommend downloading an app that will do the clock and the counting for you.  I use the TabataPro app.  It's free, and you can customize it for the number of sets you are doing, the amount of rest you want in between sets, and you can change the actual Tabata rounds.  You can also still play music while you are using the app.

Incorporate some variety.  You can stick absolutely any exercise into a Tabata workout, so get creative.  You can use a combination of body weight and kettlebells, cardio, or even jump rope.  If you are doing a cardio workout, throwing in a few Tabata sets will completely change your workout.

Get the most out of your 20 seconds of work.  The goal of Tabata is to absolutely crush the 20 seconds of work.  If you are sprinting, sprint.  If you are doing push ups, go as hard as you can for 20 seconds.  You will begin to fatigue as the sets go on, but you will get the most out of your workout by focusing on going as hard as you can during the work time.

Experiment.  We change up Tabata variations all the time.  We do half and half Tabata (alternating two exercises for the 8 sets), no rest Tabata (using a static hold for the rest period), running Tabata, 10 set Tabata, and any other variation we can think of.  Get creative, and use this style of workout in a few different ways.

10 Set Tabata

This week's FOF Wednesday Workout is 10 Set Tabata.  Take each exercise and go 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 10 sets.  Take a one minute break after each Tabata round.

  • Push ups
  • Squat Jump
  • Bicycle / Reverse Crunch (alternate every round)
  • Speed Lunge
  • Superman
  • Sprint


Start incorporating Tabata into your workout routine.  Remember that each exercise takes only four minutes, so this is a good one to do if you are short on time.  Select 4 exercises if you only have 20 minutes.  If you've got more time, pick a few more.  If you are on your bike trainer, sprinkle in a few sets.

Have a favorite Tabata workout?  We'd love to hear about it.  

Check out more of our Wednesday workouts on Vimeo.

Finding Motivation for Summer Running

Summer running....honestly for me, it is a struggle.  I probably should have asked Emily Speed to write this post since she is a committed summer runner.  But, I figured if you're reading this, you are probably like me.  You and summer running might not have a good history.

We live in Florida.  It's hot, it's humid, and every year, I find it tough to stay motivated to run from May - August.  I come off of the Mt. Cheaha 50K feeling great and extra motivated, and I tell myself every summer that this year will be different.  I am going to run this summer.  And then, every year, I hang up my running shoes, and outside of my runs at Fixed on Fitness, I don't hit the road.  This year, I've found a few tricks to help keep me going as the temps rise.

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