The “Unwich” – A Sandwich Alternative

I don’t know about you, but I grew up on sandwiches, well and cereal.  I could pretty much count on a PBJ every single day of my life.  When we transitioned into a Primal lifestyle, and we removed grains from our diet, the option of a quick sandwich for lunch was no longer available.

For us, we pretty much started with meat and cheese roll ups as an alternative to sandwiches, but those became boring very fast.  You couldn’t stuff many veggies into the meat, and they often fell apart.  Over the years, we have found our go-to sandwich option…the unwich.  Check out some of our favorites.

What happened when we went Keto for six weeks?

So, if you are at all involved in the health and wellness scene, you have heard the keto buzz lately.  It’s been all the rage, especially for people looking for “quick” weight loss.  I even overhead a family beside us at lunch today that didn’t seem to have much knowledge about keto discuss going “key-toe.”  Despite the hype currently surrounding it, keto has been around since the hunter gatherer age.  It’s not new or really even very complicated.  In fact, if you would have been walking around hundreds and hundreds of years ago, you would have likely been living in a ketogenic state.

As with any other style or method of eating, keto must be approached with the right mindset.  At Fixed on Fitness, we don’t believe in “quick fixes” or “fad diets.”  We don’t promote specific, strict meal plans.  For the last 10+ years, Josh and I have used ourselves as an experiment.  We want to look at the latest research, try it on ourselves, and then share our experience.  We have been living a Primal lifestyle, eating real, nutrient dense foods, and living without grains and processed foods for the last eight years.  Six weeks ago, we decided to give the ketogenic style of eating a try.  Check out our experience, what we learned, benefits we noticed, some tips we discovered along the way, and what are plans are going forward.

**Please note that all benefits, tips, and opinions listed below are strictly based on our own experience.  Any thoughts listed are not meant to be used as professional advice or recommendations.**