Avoiding Halloween Candy: Tips To Help You Succeed

Halloween candy.  For many people, myself included, Halloween candy is a temptation that can be tough to resist.  It’s everywhere.  Between the candy bowl at the office, treats at home, and the post Halloween candy collection, it can be tough to stay away.

Don’t fret.  We’ve got some tips to help you stay clear of the Halloween candy.  So, before you go buying up the candy aisle at Target, read on, and get ready to conquer that candy temptation.

5 Family Friendly Activities For Fall

It’s finally fall!  With cooler weather in the forecast, fall is the perfect time to take your family outside.  We all have a basic need to be outside, and when the weather is cool and crisp, there’s no excuse to lay on the couch and binge on the latest Netflix series.

We have two kids, so we are always looking for a few inexpensive outdoor activities for fall.  Here are five family friendly fall activities for you to enjoy.

Asheville, Brevard, and Bryson City, NC – FOF Travels

So, we recently had the amazing opportunity to spend a few days outside of Asheville in the mountains of western North Carolina.  The trip wasn’t incredibly smooth.  You can read about the adventure that happened on our way here.  To add to our previous adventure, our CC got stolen, and the radiator in my car completely exploded.  Needless to say, this trip quickly became known as our “silver lining trip.”  But, those things aside, we had a really awesome trip.

The mountains are a majestic, calming place for me.  I love the beach with all my heart, but being in the forest, surrounded by nature is pretty incredible.  Looking for a trip for yourself, you and your spouse, or the whole family?  Here’s what we did, where we stayed, and of course…what we ate :).

Journaling – Why You Should Give it a Try

Journaling…it’s a practice that has well known health benefits.  It’s relatively easy to do.  It is not expensive.  You can journal in as little as a few minutes.  However, journaling is a practice that is often overlooked.  For some reason, spending a few minutes writing down our thoughts seems like something only really mindful (aka…weird) folks take time to do.

I have started and stopped countless journals.  I would write periodically only to stop and pick back up another entry or two three months later.  This year, I decided to give journaling a legitimate shot.  I committed to following through, writing down at least gratitude, on a regular basis.  I’ve been journaling consistently for seven months now, and it has become a great addition to my self care routine.  Today, I want to share a few benefits that can be found in the simple act of journaling.