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Creating a Shift in your Attitude and Perspective

"You can't change your circumstances, but you can change how you respond to them."  This quote hit me like a ton of bricks as we were driving just north of Atlanta, GA last Saturday afternoon.  As we were into the sixth hour of our drive to North Carolina with two kids in the car, my trusty, well loved, 2003 Toyota 4Runner decided she needed a break.  This little situation {I'll go into detail through the post} could have easily turned into a HUGE ordeal.  You can actually see my Instagram post from Saturday here.  As both Josh and I began to respond, I became incredibly thankful that we had just spent three hours working through and revamping the FOF Health Coaching module on Circumstances and Perspective.  Here's how we turned an ordeal into an adventure.

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One mess up does not mean it’s over.

You messed what!  Life is all about practice.  Think about anything that you have learned during your time here on this planet.  Did you pick up and perfect every skill you currently possess on the first try?  Did you go from crawling to running overnight?  Did you pick up a golf club and swing perfectly your first time?  The answer is no.  These skills take practice.  They take time to develop.  Guess what...your health and fitness journey is no different.  It takes practice.

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No More Mondays…Stop Delaying, Start Doing

The excuse of delay is like a sour lemon.  It looks pretty and tasty, but the taste of delay is actually sour.  How many times have you found yourself deep in the excuse of delay?  Delay sounds like..."I'll start Monday."  "When I'm not so busy, I'll have time to cook healthy and workout."  "I'll really make a change once the kids get bigger."  "After the holidays, I'll focus on improving my eating habits."

Waiting for the "perfect" opportunity = DELAY.  What if you stopped delaying and started doing?  We have a few strategies to help you change your mindset from delaying to taking action.

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