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Fueling Long Runs – Before, During, and After

If you have ever miscalculated your fuel during a long training run or during a race, you know the importance of making sure you have a proper fueling plan in place before your big day.  As marathon season approaches, we get so many questions about how to properly fuel and hydrate during training runs and during a race.

Keep in mind that everyone is completely different.  Are you eating a diet full of real food and keeping an eye on your sugar intake?  Or, are you eating the standard American diet loaded with processed carbohydrates and very little fat?  This makes a difference.  

You must remember that your training or race fuel is not just what you pack to eat during your run.  It includes what you put on your fork up to days before your long training session.  You have to approach your nutrition just like your training schedule.  Look at it as a whole.  

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Race Report – 2018 Mt. Cheaha 50K

The 2018 Mt. Cheaha 50K was HOT!  In fact, this year's race was the hottest on record.  Despite the heat this year, I absolutely LOVE this race.  First, if you have never been to Mt. Cheaha, and you live anywhere in the southeast, you should put it on your list of weekend destinations.  If you run trails, and you want a challenging and extremely well run race, sign up for the Mt. Cheaha 50K.  Read on for my race report for 2018...the hottest year ever :).

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Race Report – 2018 Pensacola Double Bridge Run

If you live in or around Pensacola, the Double Bridge 15K should be on your list of races to run.  This happens to be my favorite (and actually one of the only) road races that I do each year.  The scenery is beautiful, the crowd is awesome, and the post race party is on point.

Each year, Fixed on Fitness has a great group train for and run this race together.  Over the years, we have had so many people that thought a 15K was never possible, not only complete the distance, but cross the finish line with a smile.  We don't love to pound pavement, so we have created a plan for our clients that incorporates FOF boot camp workouts along with just 1-2 runs during the week.  This plan has worked well for years, and this year was no different.

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