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what is fixed on fitness?

Fixed on Fitness is a comprehensive wellness company.  Our focus is you, and we approach health with a long term perspective.  We offer group classes in an indoor training facility in Pace, FL, as well as one on one health coaching, an online fitness program, and barbell coaching.

We help you learn to eat, live, and train on purpose, with purpose every single day of the week. 

Is Fixed on Fitness CrossFit?


At FOF, we utilize a training style known as Functional Body Building. Functional Body Building developed by Marcus Filly and blends traditional body building principles such as tempo work and training cycles with functional movements.  It’s a style of workout that finds an aesthetic sweet spot and is also fun and engaging.  

You’ll find challenging workouts that are built around purposeful movement and a training style that is sustainable for the long haul.

We promote the quality of movement over intensity (how fast) and loading (how much).  We focus on building strong joints, tendons, and muscles by developing motor control.  We want you to develop more mobility and better movement within every workout.  Our goal is to deliver a workout that leaves you sweaty but ready to tackle your day and come back tomorrow for more.

what sets fixed on fitness apart?

Our experience sets us apart.  Our community is like no other.  

Our trainers have been impacting the lives of people in our community and online for over a decade.  We carry multiple certifications, but our over 40,000 hours of face to face training experience is what makes us different.  We understand people.  Our methods are tried and true.  We know how to have fun and produce results.

We believe in creating a unique experience for each member, so you will not find a “one size fits all approach” in our programs.  We have a passion for people.  We believe in individuals just like you.


Are you a FRANCHISE?

No.  Fixed on Fitness was founded in September 2007 by Kenzie and Josh Presnell.  We are a locally owned business that has been created and grown from the ground up.  So much of our work has been created, and still is done, at our kitchen table.

can anyone participate in the workouts?

Yes.  Our workouts are designed to accommodate a variety of fitness levels.   Our trainers understand how to tailor the workouts and movements to meet your individual needs.  We believe in creating a you vs. you environment.  This means that you will never feel like you have to compete with the other members of the class or that your performance will affect anyone else within the class.

In fact, if you look around during any of our classes, you will see people of various sizes, shapes, ages, and ability levels all participating in the same workout.


What are the workouts like?

We deliver balanced workouts designed to improve body composition, build strength, and move better while still having energy for the day. 

Our program leaves you feeling confident and excited about your training instead of burned out and beatdown.

We want you to enjoy your training.  We understand that you don’t have to grind and beat yourself down to see results.  Instead, you can avoid burnout and find better body composition, more energy, better movement, and a balanced approach to training.

Our workouts allow for a pace that gives you time to think and internalize movements while working out.

The FOF Program is designed to help you look good, feel great, and move well.


can i try a class for free?

Absolutely.  Please register online for your free class.

how do memberships work?

Memberships are simple.  No contracts.  We offer both an unlimited membership as well as class passes. 

Unlimited memberships to the FOF Training Center are drafted every 4 weeks and auto renew.  The unlimited membership include all classes, access to open gym {adults only}, and our FOF Remote online program.  We offer an individual rate as well as a spouse rate.  Please contact us to register for the spouse rate.

Class passes are available for 10 classes, 5 classes, or a drop in class.  The class passes expire after 60 days, and unused visits cannot be carried over.

We offer a youth rate for kids ages 11-18.  This rate is a 4 week commitment and auto renews.  The youth rate includes access to all classes as well as our FOF Remote online program. 

what do i bring?

We’ve got all you need.  We would recommend bringing a water bottle as well as a sweat towel to each workout.

how early should i arrive?

We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early so that you have time to sign in and begin your general warm up before your class time begins.

what is open gym?

Open gym is available to everyone with an unlimited membership to the FOF Training Center.  Open gym hours are available throughout the day.  

The open gym area can be used to get your workout in on days where you can’t make a scheduled class, work on specific skills, improve your mobility, get in a recovery workout, or just do your own thing.

I have an injury. can i still participate?

Our trainers understand injuries and injury prevention, so you can be confident that we will work with you as best as we can.  While we do our best to accommodate everyone, there are some injuries that we cannot accommodate.  Please contact us for specific questions.  

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