Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Renew your mind.  Restore your body.  Reclaim your life.

Determine your destination, and let us help you get there on purpose, with purpose.  Regardless of your goals, the FOF Health Coaching program will educate you, guide you, and encourage you so that you can get from where you are right now to where you want to be.

The FOF Health Coaching program is focused on long term change, and we provide the tools, education, motivation, and action steps to help you stop striving and start thriving.  Through simple daily disciplines, you will overcome the barriers that have held you back in the past, hush the negative voice of doubt, silence the chaos of a stressful lifestyle, and begin to renew your mind, restore your body, and reclaim your life.

Our health coaching program is a reasonable approach that is designed specifically not to overwhelm you.  It is a fluid program that is highly adaptable for individual needs.  It allows for individual design and preference, and it is not an “I say, You do” type of program.  We focus on one small choice at a time with an understanding that over time, those small choices add up to make a big difference.   

You are your best return on investment.   You deserve to take care of yourself.  By investing in yourself, you can be at your best for others.  It’s time to address all areas of your life including your mindset, perspective, sleep, stress, diet, movement, fitness, community, and excuses.  If you want change, it’s time to make a change.  

Throughout this program, your Fixed on Fitness Health Coach will always have your back and be in your corner.  You will never find judgment, ridicule, or shame.  Instead, you will find solutions, motivation, and encouragement.  We believe in you and know you have what it takes to make the changes you are seeking…even if you don’t believe in yourself yet.  Let us help you make the changes that you seek.  We look forward to developing a personal relationship with you and watching you begin to live your best life.

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What is Included?

Our 12-week course is a navigational tool to help you get from where you are to where you want to be…a roadmap to results.  It is highly focused on education and action.  We know that knowledge is great, but knowledge without action does not lead to change.  In addition to education, you have the benefit of a personal relationship with a real life, experienced coach that understands the demands and stresses of a modern day lifestyle.

Each week begins with an educational webinar that lasts between 30-60 minutes.  The webinars are sent on Sunday, and each webinar comes with notes as well as action steps for the week.  The action steps include small daily disciplines that can be implemented immediately into your week.  On Friday, you receive a follow up audio file or email with key points to remember as well as answers to any questions that have come up during the week.

In addition to webinars, you will receive the following:

  • Access to your health coach via email, text messaging, and scheduled phone calls
  • Resources we love including books, podcasts, blogs, recipes, and meal ideas
  • Weekly workouts
  • Weekly reflection forms to communicate with your coach
  • Handouts 
  • Supplemental webinars for additional information
  • Monthly live Q&A session with your coach

Throughout this program, I have made small changes which have changed my perspective on life. I have changed the way I shop at the grocery store, what I order when I eat out, and how I handle stress.  My goals at the beginning of the program were to lose weight and to have less stomach issues. I’ve lost over ten pounds so far, and my stomach issues have almost completely gone away, but these two things are only a small part of what I’ve gained from this experience. It has been a life changer and I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity to be part of this program.

– Shelley

The FOF program has helped me to start looking at health, fitness, and wellness in a more positive manner. Gone is body shaming to get results. This program has helped me identify and address my struggles from insomnia, eating while bored, etc. Thanks for providing encouragement, weekly check ins, and accountability.  I now sleep without the aid of medication and I better organize my time to make time to move. Thank you for all you do to help change the lives of others. Anyone would be blessed to work with this team.


Cost and Start Dates

We run three group coaching sessions each year.  Each session has a limited number of participants to keep the coach to client ratio low.  Registration opens 30 days prior to each coaching session.  We open registration to our waitlist first, and then open registration begins.  

The cost for the 12-week FOF Health Coaching program is $495.  We also offer a three month payment plan of $170 per month. 

2019 Health Coaching Schedule

Winter 2019

Start Date

January 6th

Registration closes

December 30th

Spring 2019

Start Date

April 7th

Registration closes

March 31st

Fall 2019

Start Date

September 8th

Registration closes

September 1st

What is a health coach?

Still not sure exactly what a health coach is?

A health coach guides clients through the seemingly overwhelming process of his/her journey towards the adoption of a better lifestyle—from clarifying the client’s vision to defining strategies for maintaining success once he/she has attained his/her goals. Armed with holistic knowledge of how fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle influence well-being, a health coach works with clients to design an inclusive, flexible, and responsive plan to move daily lifestyle practices toward positive, healthy choices.

Primal Health Coaching is the singular coaching certification founded in scientifically validated ancestral health principles.  Fixed on Fitness owner, Josh Presnell, became a Certified Primal Health Coach in 2016.  The health coaching model that we have developed at Fixed on Fitness supports maximum health and well-being.  We use an integrated approach of strategies that span across a broad spectrum of lifestyle dimensions.  These dimensions include nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, time management, self talk, community, rest and recovery, sun exposure, play, and enrichment.  The goal of the program is straightforward, even while the biological mechanisms are complex: normalize hormonal responses by adapting our body to work the way it was created to work despite our modern day lifestyle.  This allows us to help you get your metabolic machinery running at an optimal level.

Individual Health Coaching

Throughout the year, we do have some availability for clients interested in individual health coaching.   If you are interested in individual coaching, please contact us directly.

The individual health coaching program includes the same information that is presented in the 12-week group course, but it also includes weekly communication that alternates between face to face meetings and scheduled phone calls.  

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