let’s go!



We are so excited to have you.  A few things that you should know….

We host our FOF Remote program through TrueCoach.  Within the next 24 hours, we’ll set up with a TrueCoach account for you.  This part is done by hand so your patience is appreciated!  Feel free to check in if it’s any longer. If you already have a TrueCoach account with another coach, you may need to provide us with a new email address to use. We’ll reach out and let you know if this is the case, or you can contact us to provide an alternate.

While you wait, please check out this these FOF Remote Starter Workouts.  If you have any questions about the movements, the link to our movement library is at the top of the document, or you can find it here.

Our default program is our FOF Remote: Fitness Track.  If you are interested in incorporating more lifting or equipment into your workouts, please email us so that we can get you set up on our Hybrid Track or Performance Track.

Once your account is set up and you receive your TrueCoach invitation from us, head to https://truecoach.co and log in with your email address – you can also download the app. The messaging feature in TrueCoach is great, and our trainers check it daily.  Use it.  You are welcome to post videos so that we can give you feedback on your form if you’d like.  We encourage you to post your workout results so that you can we can see your progress. 

Have questions or need anything from us?  Feel free to shoot us a text at 850.404.7765.

-Kenzie and Josh