The FOF Training Center is unlike any other gym in the Pace or Milton area.  FOF is not your average warehouse “box” gym, and our service extends well beyond what you might see in a high end commercial gym.  We are a locally owned business with a passion for people and over 12 years of face to face training experience.  

At the training center, you will find a variety of class times throughout the day.  In addition, you have access to our open gym area for those days when your schedule prevents you from attending one of our scheduled classes.  

Our workouts will change your body.  Our trainers will change your perspective.  Our community will change your life.  Change…it’s what we do. 

We’d love to show you around.  Stop in, say “hi,” and see what FOF is all about.

Our experience makes us different.

Our training center has everything you need to get the results you want.


experienced TRAINERS

health coaching

open gym

positive atmosphere


THE FOF Training Center

Our training center is centrally located in Pace at 4851 West Spencerfield Road, Pace, FL 32571. We offer a variety of classes throughout the day as well as open gym hours. Your unlimited membership includes access to all of our classes, open gym, and our FOF Remote Program.

5AM-7AM, 8AM-12PM, 3:30PM-7PM
5AM-7AM, 8AM-12PM, 3:30PM-7PM

The FOF Training Center is much more than a gym.  In addition to providing workouts that produce results, we also focus on how you eat, live, and train on a daily basis.

FOF training center membership

rates listed below are pre-sale rates and are valid through 1/15/20.  DURING THE PRE-SALE, REGISTRATION CAN BE COMPLETED ONLINE, IN PERSON, OR OVER THE PHONE.  membership will begin on january 6th, 2020, but all members that join during the pre-sale will have access to WEEKLY classes offered throughout DECEMBER.  THESE CLASS TIMES ARE LISTED ON OUR INTERACTIVE CALENDAR.  PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING REGISTRATION.