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FOF Boot Camp is where Fixed on Fitness began back in 2008.  With workouts that are challenging, fun, held outside and led by your Certified Personal Trainer, Emily Speed, FOF Boot Camp is a program that is appropriate for all fitness levels.  If you are looking for a workout program that you can do on your own, FOF Remote is the solution for you.  FOF Remote gives you both results as well as convenience with access at your fingertips to five new and professionally programmed workouts each week.


FOF Remote is our solution for those that want professionally programmed workouts that can be done anytime and anywhere. With five new workouts each week, we’ve designed this program with your needs in mind.

Monthly Membership

Monthly memberships auto renew and are drafted via EFT

“Throughout this program, I have made small changes which have changed my perspective on life. I have changed the way I shop at the grocery store, what I order when I eat out, and how I handle stress. My goals at the beginning of the program were to lose weight and to have less stomach issues. I’ve lost over ten pounds so far, and my stomach issues have almost completely gone away, but these two things are only a small part of what I’ve gained from this experience. It has been a life changer and I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity to be part of this program“


“I’m so happy I found this program. I’ve been an athlete my entire life, but I had a difficult time getting motivated to workout as I transitioned from college student to working professional. FOF gave me not only the motivation to consistently workout, but also moved me to change my eating habits and get active on the weekends. Josh is always encouraging and extremely knowledgeable, and the workouts are creative and challenging. In just six weeks, I lost 6% body fat, 13 pounds, and 11.5 inches. Fixed on Fitness has actually made working out fun. Thank you Josh and Kenzie.”